Cocktail Stand

„When life gives you lemons, squeeze it out
and open a Mojito Lemon Cocktail Stand!”

Our most important obligation is the satisfaction of our consumers!
For this, all of our Cocktail Stands offer an extraordinary price and quality cocktails based on our own recipes!
The cocktails are made locally, and people of all ages can find their own flavor!
Our alcohol free cocktails are naturally healthy; we make it with locally added fresh lemon, lime and mint.
The crushed ice makes possible to consume tasty, cold cocktail in the big summer heat!
Our alcoholic cocktails make possible the good mood during the holiday or a beach vacation!

It is important to note that as our device has no need for electricity or water, you can meet with Mojito Lemon Cocktail Stands at extreme places also!

The Mojito Lemon Cocktail Stand is under the protection of international IPRs.